Ukrainian Spying Games

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The military expert Aleksandr Zhilin on how Ukraine became a base of terrorist activity against Russia.

In recent times, the Russian security service regularly report about the arrests of terrorists, saboteurs, and spies, thrown at us from Ukraine.

The other day there was a new arrest. According to the FSB of the Russian Federation, the retired captain second rank Leonid Parkhomenko, on the instructions of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, was gathering information about the activities of the Black Sea fleet that is a state secret. The operation to arrest him was took place on 22nd November.

And November 21st, Simferopol court arrested two officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – Aleksey Stogniy and Gleb Shabliy. The saboteurs were tasked with conducting a series of terrorist attacks on the infrastructure of Crimea. Everything was planned to have victims, including civilians.

It is noteworthy that before Stogniy and Shabliy, on 10th November in Sevastopol,  three members of another subversive group were arrested.

If we analyse all these facts together, it turns out that a real terrorist war against Russia started from the territory of Ukraine.

Why did they start from Crimea? Because there our naval security belt is forming. The latest samples of technology and means of communication arrive there. And not only this.

After expulsion of Ukrainian fascists from Crimea, they still remain aplenty. But this a great recruiting base, which is used by guys of the CIA under the guise of the Ukrainian security service and military intelligence.

The aim is clearly visible: they will try as much as possible to destabilize this region, to cause insecurity concerning the future among the local population, to create a sense of total danger and, accordingly, the sentiment of disappointment from remaining in the Russian Federation.

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American masters of the so-called Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance network in Crimea decided to once again use the experience of the 1950’s. When it became clear that the Bandera-fascist resistance to the Soviet army lost its perspective, the command was given to leave the forests, to legalize themselves and massively to get into the party’s ranks, to make a career in Soviet leadership structures.

Today they are trying to duplicate it to the letter. The only difference is that in the 1950’s, the authorities closely checked candidates for posts with responsibility, and today the Russian party, like vacuum cleaners, sucked a lot of garbage into its ranks.

Talk to ordinary Crimeans, and they will point out by name those party activists and heads who called for a resistance against the “Russian spring” and the “Russian world”, who were actively organizing the sabotage and opposition to the referendum on the joining of Crimea to Russia. Then almost all of them had a facelift, received membership cards, and sat down at the lucrative jobs in regions.

Moreover, Generals of the Armed Forces and of the SBU, and representatives of external intelligence, etc have their property in Crimea and conduct their business there. There is not such freedom for residency, which was established for Ukrainian-American intelligence, like in the region, anywhere else.

Together this is fertile ground for conducting network-centric and hybrid war against Russia. What is network-centric warfare? This is when there is a NETWORK in the same Crimea, while the control CENTER is in the hands of Anglo-Saxons and the CIA.

But this affair will not stop at Crimea. Ukraine will be forced to carry out terrorist attacks throughout the Russian territory. USA is the only country in the world that today uses terrorism as a foreign policy tool and will not abandon it, because in the conditions of the nuclear balance of deterrence, terrorism allows them to attack the strategic enemy, without being held responsible for the aggression.

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