Ukrainian “Svoboda” Nationalists Terrorised a Woman and Her Disabled Child at a Petrol Station in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian nationalists blocked a woman’s car with her child inside at a petrol station in Kiev, said the owner of the car Elena Dombrovskaya.

According to her, on October 28th she came back with her disabled child from medical procedures and entered a petrol station in Kiev, which was blocked by young people. The Ukrainian “Vesti” publication reported that the nationalists, headed by the deputy of the Kiev City Council from the Nationalist “Svoboda” party Vladimir Nazarenko, blocked the woman’s car at the “Glusco” petrol station.

“I entered the petrol station since I was almost out of fuel. At first my way was cut off and I was told that the petrol station was closed. I said: ‘Kids, I will ask the cashier’,” said the woman on the air of the “112 Ukraine” TV channel.

She reported that when she entered the petrol station, the young people surrounded her car, escorted her to the cashier, and when she had carried out payment from her payment card they started to pull the card from her hands. “They started it, they pulled my payment card out from my hands and to break the computer of the cashier. The woman was frightened too. The child in the car was frightened. I explained to the youth that the child has a disability, he’s epileptic, please, I have to go, I’m almost out of fuel,” said Dombrovskaya.

She added that the young people accused her of supporting Russia and participating in fraud, although the woman isn’t aware that the petrol station belongs to a Russian company. Also she reported that one of the young people told her that he is a deputy, but didn’t show his documents. Then the young people graffitied both the petrol station and the woman’s car, after which she called the police.

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