Ukrainian Trolls Tried to Disrupt the Presentation of a Book Dedicated to the Odessa Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Oleg Muzyka

Dear friends, comrades, and colleagues. On 16.11.2018 in Dresden the presentation of our book “May 2 Odessa. Four years later” was supposed to take place.

The expected happened. As soon as Ukrainian trolls saw the information about the place and date of the presentation of the book, they immediately deployed active propaganda against me. The owners of the salon who provided their premises started to receive letters en masse. The main focus of them was the fact that if you provide premises, then you can write yourself down as an assistant of the Kremlin. This is a horrible accusation for the German layperson who has no connection to politics. To become someone whose hand shouldn’t be shook is very frightening for a German person. And I have seen this not just once. Therefore the Dresden Piano Salon apologised to us and refused to provide its premises. I don’t harbour malice against them, I know how “democracy” works, and how all of this can end for the owners of the Piano Salon.

But you [Ukrainian nationalists – ed], brainwashed zombies, you are louse and a sh*tty coward. You are afraid of hearing the truth, and that’s why you try in any way possible to close the mouth of opponents.

But you won’t succeed. I nevertheless came to the building of the Piano Salon and met the guests who came for a meeting with me. Over the period of an hour I answered questions, signed a book, and distributed flyers advertising a future presentation. By then we will have already published the book in German, today it exists in Russian.

And your provocations only strengthen my confidence that I do good and important serious work. I see your fear in front of my truth. Until next time…


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