Ukrainian TV: 91% of Polled Ukrainians Regret Participating in Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


More than 90% of Ukrainians would not agree to come to Maidan in 2014 if it was possible to turn back time. Such data was provided by the local NewsOne TV channel, whose  journalists carried out a poll.

The “Big Tuesday” program lasted for hour and half, and during this time 9,390 people voted. From them only 9% said that they would take part in the events of 2014 again. 91% answered that they would want to repeat them.

In November of last year the Rada deputy Mustafa Nayyem, who is responsible for launching Maidan in 2014, carried out a similar survey. 51% of respondents said that they would come to Independence Square again. 49% of respondents answered negatively.

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