Ukrainian TV Accidentally Leaked the Location of the “Azov” Battalion in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian journalists have leaked valuable information on the Internet about the positions of UAF fighters in Donbass. The material, which allows one to calculate the location of the radical “Azov” battalion with ease, was published on the YouTube channel of the “2+2” TV channel. The program amazed Youtube users – with such “allies” enemies aren’t needed, say users.

The scandalous “2+2” program was devoted to the “battle of Priazovye”, during which the Kiev Armed Forces have allegedly pushed the DPR military back. At the same time journalists showed the positions of the “Azov” battalion, as well as a panorama of the area revealing the point of deployment.

In the program’s comments section on YouTube one user noted: “the position was given away”. In addition, users of the Internet already jokingly thanked the TV channel on behalf of the DPR, because thanks to the program “calculating the positions of Azov is a piece of cake”.

Also, the “Inside Donetsk” Telegram channel urged Ukrainian journalists not to stop be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and to show the positions where weapons that can destroy armored equipment are placed. “Where are the ATGMs and anti-tank guns – is this all there is?” joked the authors of the message.

One of the participants of the special operation Vadim Boyko wrote about the filming on his Facebook page. “The film crew carries out filming, showing the firing position in all its beauty, the most important thing is that the man is in a balaclava, so that nobody guesses,” he reported, and added that the position is equipped according to all norms. “Well, so that there aren’t any other options other than to heroically die there,” he specified.

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At the time of the publication of the material the post on Facebook had been deleted, but the text of the post was copied on Twitter by the volunteer Roman Donik. According to him, a few days ago it is precisely from this position that an attempt was made to target using mortars the enemy’s BMP at a distance of 2400 meters. “They didn’t succeed. But the BMP’s aim corrector in reply managed to do it at the second attempt. Thank God the soldier is alive. Wounded, but alive,” he added.

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