Ukrainian TV Caller: “America Will Fight Russia To the Last Ukrainian”

A resident of Ukraine, phoning in to the live broadcast of the “Nash” TV channel, explained the fate of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a war with Russia and called on Kiev to forget about aggressive plans.

A man from Krivoy Rog named Sergey called Ukrainian television and called on the presenters, participants of the broadcast and all Ukrainians in general to refrain from aggressive rhetoric against the Russian Federation, Crimea and Donbass. He recalled that no one in the world, including the US, dares to fight against Russia. The territorial claims of countries such as Germany and Japan also do not outweigh the risks of confrontation with the world’s largest nuclear power.

“I would like to say that America will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. You understand that these are two great nuclear powers, and they will never fight. Isn’t that clear to anyone? Never! Why won’t Merkel take Kaliningrad? Why doesn’t Germany pick a fight with Russia over the former Konigsberg? Why doesn’t Japan pick a fight, and others don’t either?” asked the Ukrainian.

According to him, Ukraine does not have anything for any successful military confrontation with Russia. He recalled the depressing state of the Ukrainian army and the lack of modern equipment in the UAF. Against the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces, considered one of the best in the world and re-equipped with advanced systems, Kiev can put only a couple of ships afloat.

“What will we fight with? Two boats and one rotten 40-year-old plane. What to fight with? Our navel will unravel. Lie down – and that’s it,” concluded the Ukrainian viewer.

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Instead of militaristic rhetoric, the resident of Krivoy Rog suggests that politicians in Kiev engage in reconciliation with the DPR and LPR, as well as improving the quality of life in Ukraine. However, he doubts that under the current government there will be reconciliation with Donbass, and the residents of Crimea will at least think about how correct their choice in favour of the Russian Federation was.

The presenters of the Ukrainian channel reacted to the words of the viewer with ridicule. One of the TV journalists said through laughter: “And let’s go to Kuban!” The woman’s reaction caused a negative response on social networks: users consider the Krivoy Rog resident to be one of the few Ukrainians who are aware of the reality and place of the country in the modern world.

Experts believe that the west, led by the US, is using Ukraine as an irritant against Russia, and a possible armed conflict is going to start with its hands. However, attempts by NATO countries to strengthen the military capabilities of the UAF ran into the reluctance of Ukrainians to fight for the Maidanist power. Earlier it became known that more than half of the Ukrainian contractors who were trained in the US left the army.

Grigory Egorov

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