On Ukrainian TV the Head Of “Right Sector” in Kiev Called to Deport the Population of Donbass En Masse

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukraine has no right to forgive and give amnesty to “separatists” from Donbass. They should be evicted out the borders of the State and deprived of Ukrainian citizenship.

Such an opinion was expressed by the head of the Kiev branch of the “Right Sector” party Olga Kotsko in the studio of TV channel “chp.info”.

Commenting on the question of whether Ukraine can forgive and give amnesty to separatists who regret their actions, Olga Kotsko answered that she considers it unacceptable:

“I don’t think that they can be forgiven. What do you think, is it possible to forgive the murderer of your brother or mother? Yes, I liken all these concepts. It’s the same thing: those people who died in Donbass [UAF – ed], who shed their blood, I consider them as my brothers,” said Kotsko.

In her opinion, the situation when the SBU in uncontrolled-by-Kiev territories of Ukraine can verify if the military has indeed committed serious crimes is absolutely absurd.

“I will never believe that in territories uncontrolled by Ukraine our Security Service can verify whether the military indeed committed serious crimes. It is absurdity and nonsense. Today I communicated with acquaintances who work in this structure, and they say that yes, it is impossible, but nobody verifies it,” commented the head of Right Sector in Kiev.

Answering the question of the host regarding what should be done with the remaining population of Donbass and how to treat people who say that they [“separatists” – ed] didn’t kill anyone, the head of the Kiev branch of the “Right Sector” party said that they should be deprived of nationality:

“They should be deprived of nationality without exception. If I betray my family, my father will kick me out of the apartment. If someone betrays their Motherland, their mother – we already covered all of Donbass with blood. They did not betray their country, they just called Putin when they were marching with flags. How to believe someone when they say that they didn’t kill anybody? Let the normal people leave, or rather all the normal and adequate ones already left. For all the rest – good-bye. All should be evicted,” said Kotsko.

Olga Kotsko compares the situation when people suddenly come over to the side of Ukraine and renounce the “Russian world” to Wedding in Malinovka, and emphasized that these same people must themselves repair their housing, which were destroyed because of their appeal [because they exhibited pro-Russianness – ed]:

“They are actors who play their role. Okay, maybe they want to come over to the side of Ukraine. They say that they repent, that they were deceived, that they did not know, that they were stupid, that nobody thought about anything, that they wanted to live in a best country, okay. Let them at first repair their houses themselves, which were destroyed because of their appeals. I am not going to pay money as a taxpayer for the restoration of this same Donbass. It is nonsense,” summed up Kotsko.

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