Ukrainian TV host Dmitry Gordon Insulted the Siege of Leningrad, Condemned Stalin and Zhukov for Defending Stalingrad

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian TV host Dmitry Gordon in an interview on the “112” TV channel made a number of scandalous statements that insult the memory of the dead in the Great Patriotic War and negating the feat of millions of Soviet people.

The publisher and journalist called Leningrad “the shitty city of Lenin” (literal quote) and complained that hundreds of thousands of residents on the Neva gave their lives in vain:

“Question: millions of lives were at stake. I would’ve handed Leningrad over to the Germans. For me, the life of every person is more dear than the shitty city of Lenin, which wasn’t handed over because it is impossible to hand over Lenin’s city,” stated the Ukrainian strategist.

At the same time “commander” Gordon for some reason doesn’t care at all about the value of the lives of the current UAF fighters perishing in the ATO – in the hell of 4 years of civil war more than 30,000 Ukrainians already died, however the journalist for some reason doesn’t grieve over them as much as he does for “the lives of the Soviet people ruined by Stalin and Zhukov”.

According to him, the defense of Stalingrad was also a mistake: it also should’ve been handed over to the Germans:

“The most important thing is to preserve the lives of people. It was normal in German captivity, the Germans allowed everyone to go home. And the inhabitants of Kiev met Hitlerites with bread and salt,” assured Gordon.

Obviously, after such revelations by Gordon all the victims of Babi Yar turned over in their graves. However, the Ukrainian TV reporter, as well as the “historian” Vyatrovich, consciously manipulates facts, using the ignorance of the population that remains in Ukraine, easily swallowing the “ideological forage” chewed by propaganda. Anyone who is familiar with the history of the Great Patriotic War will tell you that handing over Stalingrad would’ve meant cutting off the USSR from Caucasian oil and actually losing the war. And Leningrad compelled the Germans and their allies to commit a significant amount of German and Finnish troops. Moreover, on September 18th, 1941, Hitler gave the most strict order: “Not to accept the capitulation of Leningrad or Moscow, even if it will be offered”. So who did Gordon want to hand over hero cities to? The question remains open, especially since Gordon made it clear what fate was prepared for Leningrad and Moscow in the directive of September 29th:

“The Führer made the decision to wipe out St. Petersburg (Leningrad). The further existence of this large city isn’t of interest because the Soviet Russia will be defeated… The goal is to approach city and raze it to the ground using artillery and continuous attacks from the air… Requests for capitulation will be rejected, because problems with the survival of the population and its provisioning can’t and shouldn’t be solved by us. In this war for existence we aren’t interested in the preservation even of parts of the population of this big city,” it is said in the official document.

Naturally, Gordon’s revelations immediately blew up social networks:

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Svetlana Murlykina: “When this bastard Gordon also said ‘shitty Leningrad’ – my hair stood on end. And this is a Jew? He forgot Babi Yar, Auschwitz, Buchenwald! Jews were exterminated in their hundreds of thousands. Where is his brain?”

And the politician and leader of the Union of the Left Forces [in Ukraine – ed] Vasily Volga called the host a bastard for such statements:

“It’s like saying that the French and Dutches [who surrendered – ed], as always, were cleverer than the Russian Ivan [Russian equivalent of Joe Bloggs – ed], who, the bastard, didn’t want to die in a gas chamber, and, sacrificing himself, protected his native land from the Third Reich. And what for? Asked the wet red lips of Gordon. Maybe half of these Ivans would be killed, but the other half would today be the agrarian provinces of Great Germany and would be proud of it, and the remaining Ivans would have enough to eat. Moreover, those who met the ‘great’ Third Reich with bread and salt would in general supervise the Ivans. Isn’t this happiness?! After all, they are French!!! And you? You are idiots. Who did you decide to resist? You are fools. So it is such rubbish thats sounds in Ukraine today. It is such rubbish that lives in Ukraine today. And it is such bastards who are popular today,” wrote the politician on his blog.

It is interesting that last year, in an interview to “” Gordon already hinted that the Germans were good, and the “Soviets” were bad:

“Here, in Kiev my grandfather – David Israelivich Unikel – was hung, some days later afterwards the Germans entered the city. He was the deputy chairman of the Kiev City Executive Committee, and he led the city planning department. He wasn’t evacuated because the entire leadership of the city – on the order of Khrushchev, who didn’t want to hand over the city – remained in Kiev”.

Nevertheless, a number of experts consider that the provocative statements of the popular showman are aimed at a patriotic audience – with the purpose of preparing it for the handing over of Donbass, and maybe of Kiev – in order to “save millions of lives”, which can burn in the fire of “Russian aggression”. Gordon indirectly calls to condemn those who wage a senseless war in Ukraine and calls to capitulate in front of the strongest.

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