On Ukrainian TV the “Not-A-Nazi” Reznichenko Called to Burn the Desyatinny Monastery

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The radical Dmitry Reznichenko – the leader of the “New Fire” organisation – on the air of a political talk show on the Zik TV channel, which also invited the director of the Department for Religions and Nationalities of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Andrey Yurash, said that if it is impossible to limit by law “an organisation hostile to the State”, then it should be burned.


The host noted that some prefer to resolve issues as they consider necessary. “Some consider the construction near the remains of Tithe church (Desyatinny Monastery) as a temple of God, others – an illegal structure, and thus they try to burn it. To what extent is it reasonable, to what extent is this a weighed decision?” asked the journalist of Zik.

“But you already address me like I a representative of that side that tried to burn it,” said Reznichenko in response to the words of the host. “And this is the only possible option. Andrey (Yurash) said it correctly – when there is no legislative mechanisms to limit the activity of a frankly hostile organisation … nature doesn’t tolerate emptiness, so if the State isn’t going to fight against an organisation hostile towards the State, then it is society that must do it”.

To the host’s question about who decides whether it is hostile or not, and if two many-thousands crowds will gather here, and each of them will have their own opinion on faith, and “someone will want to drive a tank over it or burn it”, the activist gave his vision: “Here we have departed from the religious subject already a little. Any controversial historical issues eventually are resolved crowd versus crowd”.

The authorities, which initiated criminal proceedings against a priest for posting a St. George’s Ribbon on Facebook before the adoption of the law on its interdiction, remain silent. I.e., they don’t consider calls to stage riots to be a crime.

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