Ukrainian TV Program “Our Money” Reveals Undeclared Real Estate of Radical Party Leader Lyashko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The People’s Deputy never had his own business, but was able to buy a mansion for 15 million hryvnias.

For the last year the People’s Deputy and leader of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko, with his partner Rosita Sayranen, acquired real estate to the sum of approximately 20 million hryvnias, it is said in the investigation of the program Our money, with Denis Bigus.

In 2016, Lyashko declared $740,000 dollars, €90,000 euros, and 890,000 hryvnias in cash, and also collections of coins, an expensive watch, a country pitchfork, a racetrack, and an exercise bike.

Journalists found out that in the beginning of 2016 the partner of Lyashko purchased a land plot of 600 sq/m in Kiev. On this plot a two-storeyed house of 300 sq/m is already built. This house isn’t in the e-declaration of the People’s deputy. And Sayranen never had her own business.

In 2017, Lyashko also bought a house for himself. This concerns the estate on 550 sq/m and two land plots with a total area of 0.6 hectares in the urban settlement of Kozin (Koncha-Zaspa) with a total cost of 15 million hryvnias.

At this time, in an interview to journalists, Lyashko insisted that the house was acquired on credit. However, in both the declaration and in an extract on real estate data, credit or a mortgage is absent. According to the declaration, in Lyashko’s property there is a Mercedes S550 and a Land Cruiser.

However, journalists recorded that an armored Cadillac Escalade leaves Lyashko’s yard in the morning. The People’s Deputy was repeatedly seen in this car also near the Rada.

So, officially the car is registered in the name of Lyashko’s adviser – Aleksandr Gulak. In the declaration the main “radical” specified that he sold some real estate to the company “Asfa Line”registered in the Chernigov region.

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This real estate turned out to be a two-storeyed construction in the center of Priluki. And before sale, and later in it there is a regional office of Radical party.

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