Ukrainian TV: Residents of Donbass Deserve to be Bombed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Residents of Donbass deserve to suffer under bombing. This was stated on the air of Ukrainian TV channel 112 by the activist of AutoMaidan Sergey Poyarkov.

“We have the anti-terrorist operation precisely in those areas where people didn’t appreciate that they were in Ukraine. And I can’t say that they innocently suffer. It is a lie. Yes, I understand that the pensioner couldn’t do nothing, but where were the locals?

I said one thousand times – when I see this mug on TV that says: “It’s the same for us to be in Russia, Ukraine or Honduras – we only want to not be bombed”. It was the same for you, son of a b*tch, so Honduras has come to you, you goat. Honduras came to your kitchen, has trodden its legs in your bedroom, it was all the same for you, brute — now guzzle Honduras.

Therefore, don’t tell me that they aren’t guilty. There are many people who are punished for their guilt. And the fact that there are our patriots — I sympathize with them, they need to be helped. And they will help us when we come there to free Donbass,” declared Poyarkov.

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