Ukrainian TV: US and EU Have Been Unreliable Allies, It’s Better to Negotiate Directly With Moscow

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


If the regime of Petro Poroshenko does not demonstrate a willingness to resolve the conflict over Donbass on the basis of a compromise, the new US leadership will simply replace the Ukrainian elite.

This was stated on the air of the talk show “Black Mirror” by political analyst Andrey Ermolaev.

“We’re passing through a phase of the conflict, where ideology is destroying the countries. And by saying this, Trump gains support. And now, what does this mean for Ukraine – we will be forced to defend sovereignty at the expense of internal compromise. If this will not be done by the current regime because of corruption, nationalism, so it will be done by new power,” said Ermolaev.

His opinion was supported by another Ukrainian political expert – Vadim Karasev. In his opinion, it is necessary for the Ukrainian authorities to move to direct negotiations to resolve the conflict.

“Even the option is possible when the Minsk agreements will be less beneficial than a bilateral deal with Russia. Because we will be forced to capitulate, and here we will need to negotiate, even from a position of strength. And also, maybe we’ll need to forget about this “Normandy format”. Because the only thing the Germans and French want to do is to push Ukraine away,” considers Karasev.

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