Ukrainian Uniates and Schismatics Jointly “Consecrated” a Pagan Mound in Memory of UAF Punishers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

30/08/2018 (by Dmitry Skvortsov)

In the Lvov region acolytes of the uniate “Ukrainian Greco-catholic church” and also the unrecognised in the orthodox world Kiev Patriarchate and the “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” “consecrated” a symbolic “burial mound devoted to fighters for the independence of Ukraine”: UPA militants, Heavenly Hundred“, and “modern soldier-heroes”.

After the consecration of the “grave” – which, according to Indo-European pagan notions, is a “portal” to the afterworld – a “memorial service” was carried out.

Then the adherent of Filaret “Metropolitan Dmitry of Lvov” addressed attendees with a sermon. Glory to Ukraine!he said in particular.

“During 27 years we breathe freely on our Ukrainian land”, continued the mummer, from which it follows that being a native of a peasant family from the village of Krivorudka in the Khmelnytsky region, he enrolled in a Kiev university but didn’t breath “freely” at this time [Soviet Ukraine – ed].

Having praised Poroshenko for the military parade, the speaker reminded that “initially when our people declared statehood since princely times, they defended Ukrainian land from the very beginning”. The speaker didn’t specify who the “Ukrainian people” since the time of the Kurgan culture “declared their statehood” to. Obviously it was to the “very bad enemy neighbours” who since time immemorial wanted to take away this statehood from the melodic nation.

“That’s why we constantly defended ourselves from them since those old thousand-year times to this day”, explained the representative of the aforementioned nation, and added: “We have not 27, but 1537 years of an independence Ukrainian state. And that’s why we have to be proud for our country, for the fact that we are Ukrainians”.

As the press service of the Lvov Sokalsky exarchate reports, after the “prayer” (according to apostolic rules, it is forbidden to do a joint service of Orthodox Christians together with uniates), “the gala concert started, during which the vice-chairman of the Lvov Regional State Administration Oksana Stokolos-Voronchuk and participants of the ATO greeted the audience”.

The celebrations came to an end with the song “Lord, oh the Great and Almighty, Protect our beloved Ukraine”.

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