Ukrainian Volunteer Reveals Child’s Rape-To-Death by Ex-“Brothers in Arms”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



“ATO” volunteer Liliya Bolbat (“Liliya Ukrainskaya”), who told the shocking details of the atrocities of the Ukrainian Army in Donbass, including how a group of soldiers who for ten days raped a child until he died, and due to threats from her former “brothers in arms” was forced to flee from Mariupol, re-appeared “on the air” again.

She confirmed the numerous threats in her address, moreover she pointed out that “in 2.5 years of war, she learned to distinguish between real threats and idle talk on Facebook.”

Her extraordinary-for-nowadays-Ukraine actions she explained by her “correct upbringing”.

She described about the situation with her former “brothers in arms” in this way:

“They began to threaten me with physical reprisal because I said how it really is. For the fact that I called to fight against the lies and criminality among us. As is said in one well-known song “Come back alive” – to change the world we must start with ourselves.

And for this they began to threaten me. It’s very real, actual threats. Believe me, during 2.5 years of the war, I learned to distinguish between real threats and idle talk on Facebook. I was obliged to leave town at night, and take my children with me. Now it’s dangerous for us to be at home.

Anyone who follows my work, knows my attitude towards our Army. My attitude towards the UAF, NGU is remarkable, and I am friends with volunteer battalions and are grateful for the fact that at the right moment they came to the defense of my land, our Ukraine. But this does not mean that we need to close eyes on crimes committed by some of their representatives who are a disgrace to the army and volunteer battalions.

I don’t want the smugglers, robbers, thieves that came to this war for their own benefit, I don’t want their actions to put a dirty stain on the unequivocally heroic deeds of our defenders. Criminals must be identified, prevented, punished and go to jail. UBD (the”participant of military operations”) is not an indulgence”.

Also Bolbat reconfirmed that all terrible facts of war crimes described by her – including gang rape and murder of a child is a reality, and specified that these facts were “investigated”  by the military Prosecutor’s office, and the perpetrators were punished:

“All the facts described earlier were investigated by the military Prosecutor. The perpetrators are punished. I’m not an investigator or criminalist to name specific names or give a legal assessment of the incident. It is the j enforcement agencies. But what is the truth and a lie, I know very well, they have their own colors: black and white. That’s what I spoke about.”

Also, the volunteer addressed to her “brothers in arms” that are threatening her, and promised to continue her “struggle”:

“But those who threaten a woman with two small children — you must be proud of yourself??? Is it your heroism?

I have fought and will fight for Ukraine against all of its enemies, no matter which side of the front they are on!!!!!
Defenders Of Ukraine!!! I won’t leave you!!!! on such a semi-optimistic note,” Bolbat finishes her message.

However, not everyone endorsed this “confession”, for example, a certain Dzmitry Halko wrote Liliya this:

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“Unless you talk about specific criminals, you just vilify of all Ukrainian fighters. Rusvesna and others like them are in the rapture, you are the main heroine there now. And this is the only result, I don’t see another one yet”.

We hope that the process of some recovery, of at a least part of the Ukrainian “patriots”, will continue.


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