Ukrainian War Crimes: The DPR Honoured the Memory of the Victims of the “Bosse” Bus Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On January 22nd, 2018, a solemn gathering took place devoted to the third anniversary of the tragedy in the Bosse residential district, where on January 22nd, 2015, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the “Dongormash plant” bus stop, killing 13 people.

The inhabitants of the Republic gathered at the place of the tragedy to honor the memory of the dead. Participants of the mourning event laid flowers before the monument that was installed on the first anniversary of the tragedy two years ago.

The head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko was one of those who took part in the event.

“We have been at war for the fourth year in a row, artillery and mortar shells  explode, bullets are fired. It is the fourth year that attempts are made to intimidate us. It is the fourth year that Ukraine tries to exterminate us just because we said: ‘No’ to the junta, to fascism, to obscurantism. They are not people. People can have no such hatred and cruelty. They are beasts. Almost nothing remained sacred on that side. For example: yesterday – a peaceful bus, a bullet, death. Three years ago – several deaths.

It is for sure that they will not succeed in what they want to do. We can’t be intimidated. We won’t forget each death among our inhabitants and we won’t forgive. They will pay for each death among our children, elderly, wives, mothers, and siblings with their deaths. God says: ‘Farewell!’, and we won’t forget and we won’t forgive,” stated Zakharchenko.

“They are more than thirty million. We are slightly more than two million. This is the fourth year that they try to break us. It is the fourth year that they haven’t obtained anything. If the answer to the question is war, then you must be an idiot. If it is managed to solve the issue peacefully, to take back the land that belongs to us peacefully, this is correct. And for the sake of this it is worth fighting for and waiting. Every human life is an invaluable gift that God gave. If we throw lives away then none of us can be called human at all,” summed up the head of the Republic.

A witness of the tragedy, Vladislav Tkachenko, who by miracle managed to survive, also took part in the gathering.

“Three years ago, on a frosty January morning, there was a tragedy here that I happened to become a witness of. As was already said – ‘We won’t forget. And we won’t forgive’. On that day the sorrow from the loss of our relatives became embedded in our hearts. They say that time heals. However, nothing can heal such wounds. People went to work, went about their business, they visited their families. The people of Donbass have the right to live freely and to work on their land, to speak their native language, and to honor heroes – both alive and dead. The people’s right to freedom is granted from above, and nobody has the right to punish us for this.

In four years of military operations we learned about all the horrors of war. Like nobody else, we know how much pain and suffering war can bring home, how ruthlessly it takes away lives. For this reason we, the people of Donbass, demand peace on our land.

War changed us. It forced us to see life in general in a different way. We simply want to live so that our children don’t learn about the grief and suffering that we have learned. Innocent people, and especially children, shouldn’t have to suffer.

All those who unleashed a massacre here and arranged the genocide of the people of Donbass will incur their deserved punishment,” said the man.

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