Ukrainian Writer Called to Ignore the Opinion of Most Ukrainians & to Listen Only to Maidan Activists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In 10 years we succeed to carry out creeping Ukrainization, but, despite this, most citizens of Ukraine are people with a Soviet mentality.

This was stated on the air of Channel 5 by the Ukrainian writer Yury Andrukhovych. According to him, the present generation of Maidan activists won’t live long enough to survive this majority, however, as Andrukhovych considers, it can be successfully ignored.

“Anyway, it is already not the majority that it could be about 10 years ago. Some creeping processes in the direction that this majority becomes less, it seems to me, take place everywhere in our country one way or another. But our lives, probably, won’t be long enough so that this majority stops being exactly that. It is worth continuing to living with this comprehension of this fact and not to pay attention to this majority,” stated the writer.

Earlier, as Politnavigator reported, Andrukhovych called for the “administrative castration” of Donbass.

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