Why Ukrainians Are Afraid to Name Their New Corvette “Vladimir the Great”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



When brainwashed Ukrainians hear the word combination “Vladimir the Great”, they associate it exclusively with Vladimir Putin.

One more victory over the “aggressor-country” is announced in Ukraine. It is related to the suffering, unfinished “newest” local Navy corvette “Vladimir the Great”. It was decided to give it another name – “Vinnytsia”, and what is the reason, you will now know.

In mid-August 2016, the Executive Committee of Vinnytsia City Council sent a petition to the command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine with a request to rename the unfinished corvette. The admirals agreed with this proposal, as Vinnytsia’s elite had not simply promised to take the patronage of the personnel of the future corvette, but “patriotically” justified its proposal in accordance with the new standards of Ukrainian politics.

Vinnytsia’s “patriots” in all seriousness claim that the first association with the name “Vladimir the Great”appears with the name of the President of the “aggressor-country”.

Also, the author of this a few months ago suggested that the renaming of this unfinished construction will take place, and now it’s confirmed.

The many years saga with this corvette (project 58250) began back in 2005 when Nikolaev’s “State Research and Design Shipbuilding Center” began its design. In May 2011, in Nikolaev, SMG “Smart Maritime group — black sea shipbuilding plant” started to build it. The cost of this “toy” for the admirals is around €250 million and the completion of the construction has not yet seen the end.

At the time of the victory of “Maidan” in Ukraine, this “ship” was a piteous sight. In one of the workshops was a small piece of the frame and a pile of scrap metal scattered on the floor. Nobody was in a hurry to finish it, and is currently not in a hurry either.

However, let’s get back to those associations that arise in “patriots” upon hearing the word combination “Vladimir the Great“. It is surprising that “patriots” of Ukraine do not know the history of their country, because they incessantly repeat that Kievan Rus is Ukraine.

At this moment they forget that Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich surnamed the Great was for the baptism of Russia. He is even depicted on the Ukrainian hryvnia (coins and notes).

Surprisingly, “patriots” didn’t have any associations with Vladimir Groysman, who was the mayor of Vinnytsia for eight years and is currently the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Following the logic of “patriots”, all citizens of Ukraine named Vladimir must also be renamed, because they may experience unexpected associations.

I would also like to note that in the Ukrainian Navy there is already one combat unit called “Vinnytsia” – it is a small anti-submarine ship. Earlier it was planned to repair it, however now, due to new circumstances, it was decided to decommission it in 2017. Here, all Ukrainian “patriotism” ends.

It should be added that the situation in “Independent Ukraine” is going in such a way that if in 2025 Vladimir Putin wants to run for President of Ukraine, then  the whole country will vote for him. Some will vote out of fear and worship, others will vote for him as their deliverer from national fascism.

And after that Ukraine can become a Federal district of the Russian Federation and can really be called Great.

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