Ukrainians Bring Nazism to Europe

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Poland there was an extraordinary incident. In the Polish city of Katowice ethanol was poured on a Ukrainian who arrived from Western Ukraine to earn money, and it nearly burnt him alive. The reason: he chanted the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” and threw up a “Sieg Heil”. The case is shocking, but as we see, Polish extremists had an incentive. And this is revenge on both Ukraine and Poland for Maidan.

Poland was one of the countries that more actively than others supported the “orange” revolution in Ukraine. “Alya-ulyu,” it is shouted in Poland, “get rid of Yanukovych, get away from Russia”. The Poles hoped that Ukraine will become a battering ram against Russia, and that nothing bad will happen to them as a result; that at the hands of others they will harm Russians much more, and, above all — without straining and freely. What a wonderful idea!

Here it is appropriate to mention the laws of physics. They are valid in all domains. In 1644 the philosopher René Descartes in his work “Principles of Philosophy” gave the first formulation of the idea of antique philosophers about the law of energy conservation. For us it is better known for the phrase: “If somewhere something disappeared, then somewhere surely the same will appear”. And this law is immutable.

Throw a basketball ball against a wall. It will rebound. And if you don’t move out the way, you will be hit in your beak with exactly what was put into the throw.

Of course, it is possible to move out the way. But Poland is a country. It can’t move from its place. And it put maximum force into the throw of the Ukrainian ball against the Russian wall. And according to the laws of physics and sociology, Poland starts to receive it to the beak in full.

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So, a 55-year-old inhabitant of the Berezhansky area of the Ternopol region of Ukraine was brought to a municipal emergency hospital with thermal burns on the face, thorax, hands, and lungs. The diagnosis was unfavourable, and in this regard it is interesting: what was the Western Ukrainian thinking who did the “Seig Heil” in Poland, which suffered from Nazism almost like Russia did?

As the Polish press writes, the victim said to the police officers who arrived to the scene on an anonymous call that ethanol was deliberately poured on him and he was set on fire in the Polish city of Katowice, where he arrived to hunt for a job. The victim explained that he was attacked because he did the “Seig Heil” on the street and shouted “Glory to Ukraine!”.

It is worth mentioning that Katowice is the capital of Silesia. One of regions that became the reason for World War II. Silesia, after World War I, departed to Czechoslovakia. Poland since the 1920’s put a claim forward to Czechoslovakia about it. During the partition of Czechoslovakia after the “Munich collusion” of 1938 Poland obtained Cieszyn Silesia, including the city of Katowice.

And there, there were military operations between the remains of the Czechoslovak army, which was the strongest, by the way, at that time in Europe, and the Polish troops. And in 1953, after Stalin’s death, the city was renamed to Stalinogrod. Symbolic, isn’t it?

And now in Russophobic Poland, rejoicing at any problems of Russia, the past returns like a boomerang, and present echoes with unpleasant things.

“Ukrainian migration bears a threat to Poland — the import of the Ukrainian nationalist ideology. After all, primarily it is the residents of Western Ukraine – for who nazi slaves Bandera and Shukhevych are heroes – who try to get into Poland,” wrote the Polish press.

Ukrainian-Polish relations now, to put it mildly, become less of a relation and more of a conflict. And all this after the enthusiastic – until a state of saliva and snivelling – assurances of mutual friendship and a lack of problems. The statements of nationalists of both countries causes mutual distrust. Also the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko repeatedly added kerosine to it. And not only added it, but also brought a match to it.

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For him Bandera, who killed on June 15th, 1934, the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland Bronisław Wilhelm Pieracki, is a hero. And Roman Shukhevych, on September 19th, 1926 – being a military referent of the Ukrainian Military Organization, killed the Polish school (!) curator Sobinsky in Lvov – is a hero. And how can it be combined with the concept “we have no mutual problems”?

There is a wish to ask a question: Poles, who for decades use services of maids and plumbers from Western Ukraine – you really didn’t understand why Western Ukrainians needed Maidan and a visa-free regime was necessary? You didn’t understand where this muddy flow of people who got used to working in Poland will rush? You really thought that they staged the “orange” revolution in order to build a country? Well, now receive a “Seig Heil”.

The first thing that wasn’t always understandable for me is: by what unclear way Ukrainians managed to connect the slogan glorifying Ukraine to nazi symbols – with symbols of the political movement, according to the principles of which Ukrainians as untermensch, i.e. subhuman, along with Roma and Jews are supposed to be exterminated.

However, it is precisely the lack of a brain in the cranium that is the highest achievement of Ukrainian nationalism. You won’t find another concept in there. For example, in 1929, at a time, by the way, when Nazism already walked on the planet and was strongly established in Germany, NSDAP was a serious political force. One of the main figures of OUN at that time Stepan Lenkavsky wrote a so-called decalogue. The eighth point says: “you will receive the enemies of your nation with hatred, unmovable fight, and deception”.

It is necessary to explain something?

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Ukrainians solemnly destroyed their own country in order to pass further into Europe. And now Europe, especially Poland, is in panic. Ukrainians come to the EU to earn money and to take away their earnings. But I already wrote about the law formulated by Descartes? They are obliged to leave something there. And they indeed leave something. Nazism.

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