Ukrainians Demand the Resumption of Contacts With Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


At a meeting of the parliamentary committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning issues of foreign policy and culture, Ukrainian deputies were forced to admit a fact, which is very unpleasant for the government in Kiev. It turned out that the heads of several regions of Ukraine and a number of public organizations called for the resumption of full relations with the Russian Federation. Activists called for the full lifting of the ban on trade with Russia, the abolition of the “draconian conditions” concerning Russian television channels and feature films, as well as for increasing the number of trains and buses travelling to Russia.

According to independent analysts, the nationalists who came to power in Ukraine currently can do nothing to resist the growing strength of the movement. The current situation was assessed by the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

The resolution of representatives of local councils of the Zaporozhye region became the peculiar first signs of the aforementioned public discontent with the policies of Kiev. Officials noted that they no longer desire to accept all sorts of sanctions from the team of Petro Poroshenko against Russia. This view is supported by 250 employees (including leaders) of one of the largest regional industrial complexes — “Tavriya-Skif”. In an open letter to Poroshenko, the farmers stated verbatim the following: “The rupture of trade relations with the main source of sales — Russia — is killing us. People are left without any prospects and without a livelihood. Our vegetables today are rotting in warehouses, while at this time our products are awaited in the Russian Federation”.

Another blow for the course of the current Ukrainian President was struck in Kharkov. There, employees of a few large enterprises took to the streets with a demand to sign new contracts with Russian partners.

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“Somehow Poroshenko, who has factories in Russia, does not want to get rid of the partnership agreements with the {aggressor country},” said one of the participants of the protest Aleksandr Stashuk in an interview with the FAN. “We, thanks to Kiev nationalists, can now hardly make ends meet. Kiev – give me back my money and friendship with Moscow!”

The Sumy and Chernihiv regions also demand to return not only friendship, but also access to the Russian information space .

“For two years, during which the Ukrainians are deprived of the opportunity to watch TV programs from Russia, the viewer actually became zombified, becoming hostage to local second-rate soap operas and propaganda documentaries,” said in one of the online forums a user under the name Lika (the post was subsequently deleted). “Ukraine will meet new year without a favourite Soviet cinema and the {Goluboy Ogonek}”.

“Reports about the claims of ordinary citizens and officials to stop the confrontation with Russia come from Bukovina, Zakarpattia, even in Prykarpattia, and also from the Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky regions, where the villagers were regularly working in Russia,” said the social psychologist Elena Milto to the correspondent of the Federal News Agency. “Now these people are actually deprived of a stable income and are willing to do anything to defend their interests. It is curious that in the interests of their countrymen, even local officials are ready to defend them. It turns out that a breakdown occurred in the supposedly well-established ‘patriotic system’ of the current Ukrainian leaders”.

It is difficult to say in the near future what the team Poroshenko-Groysman-Parubiy will undertake. The confusion of Ukrainian leaders and the irritation of extreme right-wing radicals is obvious. The aforementioned deputies of the Verkhovna Rada already proposed to increase the number of broadcasting stations and TV channels that promote “native Ukrainian national values”. However, it’s likely that this will not help: in the context of a general failure of the system, the number of Ukrainian citizens dissatisfied with the confrontation with Moscow will only increase.

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