Ukrainians in Volyn Try to Avoid Conscription

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the Volyn region the relatives of conscripts blocked a bus that departed from the territory of the regional military commissariat to the Kiev region. This was reported by the “Volyn Post” website.

The deputy military commissioner Yury Kucher reported that on Saturday, November 24, the relatives of conscripts there arrived outside the walls of the military registration and enlistment office in order to not allow the bus to leave. Most of the conscripts were wanted. “Parents were outraged by the fact that they were found and sent. Most of the relatives of the conscripts arrived from the Kamen-Kashirsky area. They did not want their children and the guys in general to go for service. They had no documents for the deferment from service,” noted Kucher.

It was suggested to the relatives of the conscripts to write a statement concerning unlawful summons. As a result, only one woman wrote a statement, the others refused.

“Most of us understand that the state cannot exist without an army. I am not ready to blame young people who are afraid to go into the army. They are more influenced by the fear of their parents, grandmothers, and women. They are afraid that their children and the guys in general will die in war. In 5 years such things never happened to conscripts,” noted the chairman of the ‘Union of Soldiers of the ATO of Volyn’ state service Aleksandr Servatovich.

He urged not to avoid summons, since in other countries of the world, for example, in Israel, not only men but also women serve. In addition, it is needed in order to save lives in an emergency situation. “It is not that army where in the winter the grass is painted. Now passing through compulsory military service gives people certain knowledge and certain development,” said Servatovich.

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Currently the conscripts are serving in the Vasilkov training center in the Kiev region.Law enforcement bodies will offer a legal assessment of the actions of the relatives of the conscripts.

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