Ukrainians Staged Another Circus on the Crimean Border

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian media published a video of a procession to the Crimean border by supporters of the Mejlis – forbidden in Russia, led by the businessman Lenur Islyamov, which took place on May 19th.

The audience unfurled Ukrainian and Mejlis flags, and also black banners as a sign of mourning on the anniversary of the deportations from the peninsula during the days of the Great Patriotic War.

Participants of a procession chanted “Allah Akbar!”, “Crimea is Ukraine”, “Glory to nation – death to enemies”.

On the Russian side soldiers lined up with military equipment and with shields in case a provocation occurred.

Having closely approached the barbed wire and Russian border guards that blocked the road to Crimea, the Mejlis supporters began to sing the anthem “Shche ne vmerly”, and to also chant “Crimea is Ukraine”.

Historically distinguished head of the Genichesk regional state administration Aleksandr Vorobyov begun to shame the Russian military. “You always said that we are brothers and sisters!” shouted the Ukrainian official.

Then the attention of the audience switched to the Crimean journalist Sergey Veselovsky, who filmed the events from the Russian side. In order to not block the view of the security forces, Veselovsky filmed whilst crouching.

“On your knees in front of Ukraine! Son of a b*tch!” shouted the Mejlis supporters and the Ukrainian journalists accompanying them.

“We are free people! And you will constantly be on your knees!” shrieked Vorobyov, who then again banded together with the audience for “Shche ne vmerly…”

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