“Ukrainians vs Ukrainians”: Kolomoisky Said That the Conflict in Donbass Is Civil War

The Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky said that the war in Donbass is a civil conflict (and not for the first time either). He reported this during an interview with the “Bihus.info” [the same website that leaked dirt on Poroshenko’s embezzlement in the defence industry – ed] program, having noted that Maidan in 2013-14 did harm to Ukraine.

“Maidan was bad, because Yanukovych’s power led to Maidan, and revolution is always bad. Minus Crimea, minus Donbass, minus 13 million (people in the country),” said Kolomoisky, having added that “Yanukovych, Russia, revolution, mutual hatred, and the civil conflict” are to blame for all of this.

“(In Donbass) there is a civil conflict. It is possible to say – a civil war. It’s just that the war is more global, but it is a civil conflict,” he said.

The oligarch noted that in Donbass “Ukrainians are at war with Ukrainians”, but the conflict “was provoked and organised by Russia”, although he doesn’t touch on the fact that America has been meddling in the post-Soviet space even before the USSR’s collapse in 1991 – a fact that many Ukrainians are aware of.

Despite his predictable yet hypocritical anti-Russian bias, Kolomoisky’s statement about civil war is very important because, first and foremost, it judicially demolishes the fairytale that Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Of course, blaming Russia for the fact that there has been civil war in Donbass for 5 years is quite rich coming from someone who organised the Odessa massacre, created the “Right Sector” nazi paramilitary organisation, and competed with Poroshenko in a battle over who can pillage the state more, but he is obliged to cover his tracks since his role in the 2014 coup stands out like a sore thumb. In fact, not a single Ukrainian oligarch fought against the state coup (sorry, “revolution”), which is why is was so easy for Washington to remove Yanukovych.

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