Ukrainians Will Eat the “Worst Soup in the World” in Honour of the “Holodomor” Fiction

Remember how 2 years ago all sane people spat from blasphemy when advanced students of a certain Ukrainian Leadership Academy opened a restaurant in Tel Aviv for one day in which they fed tourists in Israel “‘the worst soup in the world’ in order to speak about Holodomor?

Activists gave the restaurant the symbolic name “Uncounted Since 1932”. Activists brought with them bark, leaves, cones, and roots, from which the soup was boiled.

“We wanted to tell Israel about Holodomor, which was a genocide of the Ukrainian people,” says Roman Tychkovsky, head of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy: “Israelis are close to this topic, because they survived the Holocaust and did everything to convey their tragedy to the whole world.”

For the satiated citizens of the West, all this “genocide outside Europe” – though Ukrainian famine, though Armenian genocide in Turkey – are all the same and an opportunity to tickle their satiated nerve receptors and create a simulation of mercy.

But in Ukraine brainwashed youth appeared – ready to sell such a popular product:

“Visitors of the ‘restaurant’ often recalled the famine in Armenia, but heard nothing about Ukraine. I realised that our tragedy is not unique, and it causes horror. We have to tell the world about ourselves. And how quickly it recognises our grief depends only on us,” noted Oles Yurchenko, a student of the Nikolaev department of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership.

So, now this blasphemous action – PR-feeding “the worst dishes in the world” – will be held as part of the celebration of Holodomor day in Kiev. As it turned out, entrepreneurial youth were noticed at the Institute of National Memory, and now this action will be permanently active in coordination with this little-respected institution.

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The action will not be called “Uncounted Since 1932”, but “Непораховані з 1932” [the same but in Ukrainian – ed].

“We prepare food that Ukrainians had to eat because of the crimes of Soviet authorities. We will feed those wanting the world’s worst soup, which has helped few to survive. And also let us feel what it looks like when people die near you,” said the organisers of the action.

Yes, and at the suggestion of the Institute of National Memory, these already-enticed activists repeat that between 4.5 million and 7 million people died from artificial starvation, but the Soviet authorities destroyed documents and evidence of their crimes, so it is impossible to count the exact number of victims, and millions of Ukrainians remained unreported, unknown, unnamed, and not buried.

Miroslava Berdnik

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