Ukrainians Will Be Forced by Kiev to Declare Their Relatives Living in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Ukraine the program of declaration of relatives in Russia is being prepared. This was reported to the Federal News Agency by the leader of “Slavic guard” and chairman of the state construction committee of Novorossiya Vladimir Rogov.

Thus, there is the initiative of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov to prepare a program for the declaration of relatives in the Russian Federation. It should formally be announced soon by the head of the Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich.

As Rogov noted, Ukrainians will need to fill in questionnaires, indicating the number of relatives, the degrees of kinship, and their location.

In addition, there will be in parallel an offensive on the orthodox church, noted the expert.

“In Kiev they panic, they don’t know what to cling onto anymore,” added Rogov.

As a reminder, earlier the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich stated that Ukrainians must cut all ties with relatives living on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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