Ultimatum to Hollande: Union with Russia or Resignation

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Russia saved the world from Nazism during the Second World War, and now she reaches out to the West, offering to fight against Terrorism, wrote Boulevard Voltaire
And Europe needs to accept this offer, otherwise she may not survive a new war, warns the newspaper.

In 1939, at the outbreak of the Second World War, France was not prepared for it, and it was the Russian, and then Soviet people, who suffered major sacrifices necessary for the liberation of the world, reminisces the French newspaper Boulevard Voltaire. It warns that if it is not to be repeated, it is necessary today “to accept the outstretched hand of Moscow“.

Need to stop it being just content of words, the author writes. “Today we again have the same enemies as the Russian people. We are talking about radical Islamism and neoliberal globalism. At first glance, they are two different things, but in reality we are talking about two hands of one monster that is a tumor on the body of the modern world – multinational elite that owns the money”.

Russia won in the “terrible civil war against Islamists in the Caucasus (1994-2000)”. The jihadists were then financed by the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, and were organised by the CIA with the support of most of the Western media, the newspaper writes. And the author of the victory of Russia is Vladimir Putin himself.

Now “the Russian army is successfully helping the Syrian people in their heroic resistance against ISIS and other barbarians”. And, according to the publication, “Uncle Sam” did not allow France either to join Russia or even to perform its obligations under the contract for the “Mistrals“. “Our leaders are on the other side of the fence,” writes the author. According to him, a priority for the French authorities was always to defeat the Bashar al-Assad, so they supplied weapons to al-Nusra” – branch of “al-Qaeda” in Syria.

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Recently, at the occasion of the NATO summit, European leaders met with great fanfare the head of the “criminal Ukrainian state” – while his neo-Nazi battalions fired at civilians in Donbass. And it was decided at the summit to strengthen the Alliance at the Russian borders – and in the meantime the West is drawn into a conflict that Europe cannot survive.

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly invited European leaders to form a common front against international terrorism and its accomplices. “Realizing that it was impossible to get through to our President, Putin on 15th July for the first time addressed the French people directly, as he does in his own country, conducting dialogue with his people, bypassing the Russian state machine, which is deeply corrupt and is associated with a Pro-Western oligarchy”.

Today, the West should not repeat the tragedy of 1939, again rejecting the proffered hand of Russia, writes the author. The French President must be put in front of a choice and even an ultimatum: Union with Russia or resignation, insists Boulevard Voltaire.

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