UN Commission Will Not Investigate US Airstrike in Deir Ezzor

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The independent commission of investigation in Syria will not conduct a further investigation into the attack by the US-led coalition on the Syrian Armed Forces in Deir-Ezzor, said the head of the independent UN Commission to investigate human rights violations in Syria Paulo Pinheiro to RIA Novosti.

“Our main task is to determine what impact the attacks have on the civilian population. I think it’s more in the interests of the two countries (Russia and US) to decide this issue,” he said.

Previously, Pinheiro told reporters that the issue of the international coalition under the leadership of the United States’ bombing of Syrian military positions should be investigated by Russia and USA.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov said that the aircraft of the international “anti-ISIS coalition” launched, on Saturday, four air strikes on Syrian troops, surrounded by ISIS groups in the area of the Deir Ezzor airfield, killing 62 military personnel, and injuring about 100 people.

The Pentagon has declared that it regrets its actions, in which people died, and claims that US aircraft acted “unintentionally” and believed that the strikes were on positions of the banned in Russia and other countries terrorist group ISIS.

During an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Saturday, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin expressed doubt that the United States may have missed their intended target.

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