The UN Expressed Its Discontent with the Presence of 150 Radicals at the Trial over the Murder of Buzina

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The deputy head of the monitoring mission of the UN for human rights in Ukraine Benjamin Moreau said that the presence of a big group of radicals in court during the case on the murder of the journalist Oles Buzina left an extremely negative impression on representatives of the mission.

Moreau stated this during the public discussion “Threat to freedom of speech in Ukraine” that took place on March 2nd in Kiev.

“We carry out monitoring of the investigation into the murder of two journalists – Sheremet and Buzina. In the case of Sheremet, we can’t say that any progress has been made. Concerning the Buzina case, the presence of 150 representatives of a right-wing group left an impression on us. It would be desirable to urge law enforcement bodies to take measures for ensuring the independence of legal proceedings,” said the representative of the UN monitoring mission.

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