The Union of Jews and Bandera Is a Sad Phenomenon

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A few days ago on a social network on the Internet an interesting video appeared, released by the Press Secretary of the so-called “Ukrainian volunteer army” (UVA) Elena Belozerskaya. As is known, this structure appeared after the split of the notorious terrorist group “Right Sector” (banned in Russia), in favour of its ousted leader Dmitry Yarosh.

Left: Bereza, Right: Yarosh

Left: Yarosh, Right: Bereza

By the way, a considerable number of Right Sector militants followed Mr Yarosh to UVA. Including a “Jewish unit,” which, according to Elena Belozerskaya, has been successfully fighting for 2 years. For its personnel, they decided to organize “spiritual nourishment”, creating a fully-fledged synagogue.

“We’ve been fighting since May 14th, but the idea of creating a Jewish unit came just a year ago. All the Jews who fought on all fronts were gathered, and are united. Today we are together in sector “M”. We have a small holiday, we opened a synagogue. Chaplains of different Christian denominations come to our brother-in-arms, as for the Jewish chaplains, which there is a big lack of. Incidentally, we have a free vacancy – if there’s any brave Rabbi who wants to serve – we welcome him, we prepared the synagogue for him. But we only have a Bandera synagogue. The Jewish Banderist synagogue is ready to receive Jewish Bandera Rabbi,” stated the commander of the aforementioned unit, Drug Maksim.

The active participation of Jews in Bandera organizations has become the norm in the last two years. One of the creators of “Right Sector”, its former spokesperson and current Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Borislav Bereza, has long openly admitted that he was a Jew – in particular, in an interview with the American website Tablet. And the chief of the medical service of the “Volunteer army” Yana Zinkevych, when she had a car accident, was immediately sent for treatment, for example, not in a German clinic, but in Israel.


Borislav Bereza

What is there to say if even oligarchs of Jewish origin in present Ukraine are not ashamed of the term “Judeobanderist”, on the contrary, they even flaunt it. A T-shirt with such an inscription is worn by the richest Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, and his right hand man, now the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk Borys Filatov, called himself a “Judeobanderist” with ill-concealed pride.


By and large, under this concept fits nearly all Ukrainian “Maidan heroes” and punisher battalions, destroying the civilian population of unbowed Donbass, because much of it is on the direct financing of Kolomoisky, although formally subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, National Guard, the Interior Ministry, and other official bodies.

It is not that here we are speaking about the fact that amongst Banderist punishers there are ethnic Jews – even this phenomenon is present not only in the above example with the “Jewish unit” of Ukrainian volunteer army – but rather about who gives money to this gang formations. By the way, Dnepropetrovsk’s oligarch funds a whole range of western Ukraine and Russophobic parties – starting from neo-Nazi “Svoboda” Oleg Tyahnybok to “Self-help” of Lvov’s mayor Sadovy, who received in the last election a lot of seats in the Rada.

And the fact here is not even specifically about the personality of Kolomoisky, but about the fact that amongst the representatives of the current regime in Kiev, who openly consider themselves as fans of Bandera’s ideas, and for this reason even renamed Moscow avenue in Kiev in his honor, there are many Jews who are the descendants of those who the same Banderists and militiamen exterminated during Hitler’s invasion.


The financiers of Maidan Firtash and Pinchuk, who own the popular TV channels, some commanders among the militants of Maidan, the current head of the Rada, Groysman, assistant of Kolomoiskiy Korban, and many other activists, journalists, and officials of the new regime in Kiev, openly proclaimed themselves as the heirs of Ukrainian UPA nationalists.

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By the way, even former 2x Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has repeatedly intrigued citizens by her origin not only once. Like, for example, when a young Jewish man was beaten in Kiev, the former security guard Yushchenko and the then Minister of Transport Evgeny Chervonenko, who did not hide his Jewish origin, reproached Yulia Tymoshenko for the absence of an adequate reaction to this crime.

I am very surprised that such a reaction didn’t come from the government itself and the Prime Minister. Especially that the mother of Yulia Tymoshenko is Jewish and her father is Armenian. Armenians and Jews have historically been subjected to genocide..

Such a fusion of Ukrainian nationalism and Jews is all the more striking especially due to the fact that Ukraine has always had extremely strong anti-Semitic sentiments.

Ukrainian anti-Semitism, from Bogdan Khmelnitsky to the present day

Since ancient times Malorussians and especially Cossacks had a very difficult relationship with the Jews. Described, not without humor, in Gogol’s novel “Taras Bulba”, the scene of reprisal by Cossacks towards their angered Tavern landlords of a known origin, after which the latter was thrown into the Dnieper, and this is not even the tip of the iceberg of “animal” hatred toward the representatives of the chosen nation.


Thus, the Jewish Rabbi Gannover writes about the atrocities committed by the Cossacks during the uprising of Bogdan Khmelnitsky,

“Many communities that were laying beyond the Dnieper, near the places of war, such as Pereiaslav, Baryshivka, Piryatin, Lubny, Lokhvytsia, did not have time to escape and were destroyed in the name of God and perished in terrible bitter pain. The skin was flayed from some of them, and the body thrown out to be devoured by dogs; others had severed hands and feet, and the body thrown on the road and after they took the carts and the horses were trampling on them…”

The Russian historian A. Dikiy presents the testimony of Mikhail Grushevsky, a Ukrainian nationalist by his belief, which can hardly be accused of any prejudice against the Ukrainians, who wrote in his book “Khmelnytsky region in bloom” about 2000 Jews killed in Chernigov, 800 in Gomel, several hundred in Sosnitsa, Baturin, Nosovka, and other cities and towns. The description provided by Grushevsky on how these Pogroms were done was preserved: “some were axed, others were ordered to dig holes and after Jewish wives and children were thrown there and covered with earth, and then Jews were given muskets and ordered to kill the each other.”

Not surprisingly the conclusion is performed in a purely Jewish sources:

“Few people know that during the three centuries prior to the catastrophe (Holocaust), the murder like the Nazis of Jews already took place. The massacres of 1648- 1649 had been arranged by Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Ukrainian Getman, who led an uprising against Polish rule. As many Jews were serving the Polish nobility, who owned land in Ukraine, Khmelnitsky’s anger turned against the Jews. Exactly like Hitler, Khmelnitsky hated all Jews indiscriminately. It is believed that his Cossack units killed over a 100,000 Jews (at a time when world Jewry numbered no more than 500,000 people.”

Of course, the reunification of left-bank Ukraine with Russia and replacement of wild “Cossack community” on law and order, reduced the intensity of the radical anti-Semitism. Which is not true of the right-bank Ukraine, which until the end of the 18th century remained under the authority of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita).

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So, at the time of the famous  “Kollivschina” uprising, the poem “Gaydamaki” by Poet of Ukrainian nationalism Taras Shevchenko, the genocide not only of Poles but of the Jews by the hands of the rebellious Gaydamaks was in full swing. The episode after the capture of Uman, perhaps, can be considered as its apotheosis, when in addition to thousands killed and tortured, Catholic priest, a Jew, and a dog were hanged, and on the inscription was made on the gallows: “a Catholic priest, a Jew, and a dog – are the same faith”.


However, after the partition of Poland, its territory, which fell under the jurisdiction of Moscow, seemed to have recovered from episodes of acute anti-Semitism. But as it turned out, not for very long. It is especially in Malorussia provinces during the First Russian revolution of 1905-07 massive anti-Jewish pogroms were observed, the peak of which was in Odessa.

They repeated in a much more tragic form after more than a decade after the 1917 revolution and transition of power in Kiev into the hands of radical nationalists of Petliura. Then, according to some estimates, about 50,000 Jews were killed. It is suffice to say that when this “hero of the Ukrainian national liberation struggle” was killed by Jew Schwartzbard in Paris, the family of whom was destroyed by the Petlyurists, the court acquitted the avenger.

The murder of Jews by Banderists do no not special comments. Except for those “brainwashed” citizens of Ukraine who seriously believe that Stepan Bandera treated people of other nationalities solely from the point of view of whether they help (or at least not hinder) the creation of independent Ukraine, and hated only those who didn’t impeach this task.


In the encyclopaedia “Holocaust on the territory of the USSR”, published in 2009 by a team of scientists from different countries, including Israel, many examples of the true state of things are provided.

“30.6.1941, head of the OUN (B) Bandera appealed to his supporters: “Destroy Poles, Jews, Communists without mercy.” “It’s not surprising,” say the compilers of the Encyclopaedia, “that the activity of uprising units of the OUN and the “Nachtigall” battalion had a brightly expressed anti-Jewish character. The brutal murder by nationalist Jews and poles took place everywhere in the summer of 1941. Thus, the battalion “Nachtigall” under the command of Shukhevych, took part in mass killings of Jews in Lvov on 30.6.1941, after the capture of the city by German troops”. Ukrainian police participated in the execution of Kiev’s Jews at Babi Yar, as well as in one of the very first mass execution of Jewish children in Bila Tserkva near Kiev. “The message of staff of the 444th security division from 20.10.1941, which notes that “the Jewish question” in the South of Ukraine “finally resolved” and the “Ukrainian police is well proven in the performance of official duties”, testifies to the scale of the participation of Ukrainian police in the Holocaust.”

The phenomenon of presence of Jews among Banderists: causes and consequences

So, on the background of such a specific relationship of the Ukrainian nationalists of all the time to the “solution of the Jewish question”, the current phenomenon of “Judeobanderist” really looks like a real revolution of consciousness. Speaking about the greatness of the Ukrainian nation and the state, its minimally minded ideologues are well aware that there is no real and absolute independence for Ukraine in principle. Real choice is only between equal relations with the brotherly Slavic peoples of the former USSR, including Russian, or the role of powerless satellite, even not in Europe but the United States, which are interested in Ukrainians as an anti-Russian springboard, and cannon fodder for a hybrid war with Russia.

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And in such a situation to give lots of space to historical anti-Semitism of Ukrainian nationalists, knowing that the Jewish lobby in Washington is one of the most influential, doesn’t look good. It is far more convenient to give the supporters of “independence” another image of the enemy – Russia and “damned Moskals”.

The true owners of the cash flows and TV channels project hatred of “brainwashed” citizens exclusively against Russians and Russian speakers, thereby distract the Nazis from such a nice and familiar for them Judeophobia.

The question is, how long can this go on? When some experts say that while Ukrainian TV channels will continue anti-Russian brainwashing, there will be no change in the moods of Ukrainians – but this is only partly true. Especially that in this case, the mood especially of radicals, who have long taken up arms or are willing to act at any time, is more important than the mood of the silent masses of the population. Because after all, they have to fight at the frontline against Donetsk militia, who gained combat experience in the two years of the civil war. And it turns out that the Nazis got worse and worse.

There is even no need to mention that in a war with Russians they have no chance, as history shows. Even during the episode at Konotop in 1659, which Kiev propaganda tries to extol so much, when a unit of the Russian army was badly mauled, not so much by the army of Hetman Vygovsky, but by a Tatar horde, which at that time was acting as an ally of Kiev. And there is no need to mention the battles of Kruty (1918) and Brody, when for a short time the SS “Galicia” division was completely destroyed.

That’s why Ukrainian Nazis like less and less to continue to play the role of cannon fodder in the interests of the United States, who are even reluctant for these purposes to sacrifice not only their citizens, but also simply money. And they always dreamed of having a beautiful life – and that’s why they went to Donbass in the hope of a good profit at the expense of looting.

Meanwhile, the really valuable asset to impoverished Ukraine now have only those same oligarchs, who up to now, “protect” the volunteer battalions and sometimes they throw to them a form of sponsorship, but the latter in a large part is taken away by “atamans” – ordinary fighters have merely crumbs.

So at any time riots can arrive, when the mass of the radical Nazis decide that instead of living on the crumbs from the master’s table, it is easier to grab the entire table itself.

Especially that the idea of “oligarchs are guilty of everything” has always been very popular in the Ukrainian mass consciousness, and the traditional anti-Semitism never fully would disappear from it, that is to say, hiding the light under a bushel. And if the West will continue to further feed Kiev with a teaspoon, with a billion of the IMF loan per year under draconian conditions of radical reforms – further developments of events may not suit the tastes of current ideologues of “judeobanderism”. And they will feel on their own skin that to flirt with real Banderism, which is historically inseparable from radical anti-Semitism, can be deadly dangerous.

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