United “As Never Before” Nations for Genocide

By Angelina Siard


I think it’s senseless to invite Samantha Power to Ukraine in the same way it was inviting her to Syria. Her sources of information on events there already wrote a response to future questions about occurrences before they happened. And there is no need to bother with tedious trips, because those who recited the “right answers” by heart will come by themselves from Ukraine, in order to once again like a parrot repeat them publicly at a high level of the United “as never before” Nations – to protect the war criminals opposed to humanity from being exposed.


5cafe78f1adc9ff03a1c34be4f815058_1474379140_extra_largeAfter the brazen execution by American forces of 100+ Syrian government military as an act of open support of ISIS (while continuing to pretend to fight against it), and lack of proper justification for such actions from the part of American leaders, a new dose of public evidence of proving Russian aggression in Ukraine can only be welcomed. And really, why does Samantha Power need to go to Syria or Ukraine, if the pet parrot of Barack Obama, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, will say everything that is needed in the UN General Assembly:

“Russian armed aggression forced about 1.8 million Ukrainians to seek a new home within the country, placing Ukraine in top ten countries of displacement.”

“We have no right to turn a blind eye on bombardment by Russia of civilian facilities in Syrian Aleppo or in Ukrainian Donbas. This is not only about the observation of humanitarian principles.”

“So far, we have consistently demonstrated commitment to protect all them. An appropriate framework was set in place to secure their social needs, to provide access to healthcare, education, and to employment opportunities. Our dedication has prevented additional significant influx of refugees to Europe.”

“We need a lasting solution by ending Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

“We also welcome the fact that the Declaration is laying foundation to address the needs of internally displaced persons. It is our political and moral obligation to protect and support them.”

But now, after reading the above, try not to believe your eyes, or close them, and don’t watch the videos below, because you already learnt the TRUTH about Syria (there will not be an investigation into the brazen murder of the Syrian military, despite what is known to everyone – American bombing of hospitals and the weddings leaves dozens of dead, but no Islamist militants among them) and Ukraine, and you did not learn it somewhere that is a war zone, but at the highest level of the UN Assembly, didn’t you?

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Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Ukrainian sniper shot and killed a woman in front of a 5-year-old child, the sniper for a long time didn’t allow anybody to approach. Late in the evening the family’s home was completely destroyed by artillery, the family was left homeless with two children. Need help! Ukrainian military also fired near the legs or over the heads of children for fun.

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Another truce in Donbass once again was not respected by the Ukrainian side. They re-shelled the long-suffering village of Zaitsevo, in the North of Gorlovka.

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Ukrainian soldiers dug a trench especially near residential houses in order to not receive return fire. They joyfully write messages in Ukrainian on shells, referencing their city of birth – Cherkasy, in central Ukraine. He calls the shell a woman’s name. The shells are then fired at the peaceful residents of Donbass, violating the Minsk Agreements.

And Samantha, now imagine your mother went out to the doorstep, and, in front of your son’s eyes, a nearby sniper put a bullet in her head. And, like this 92 year old Babushka who is living through her 4th major war and this young woman who lost her mother, you definitively know that it is Poroshenko’s Army that fires personally-signed shells on your home, but the entire world doesn’t care and simply repeats that it is “Russian aggression”. Are you still laughing?



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