UPA Fought Against Nazis…Only in a Board Game

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Michailov Michail

Yesterday I saw a billboard from Kiev, on which a UPA soldier appeared as a winner over Nazism. It became curious. In fact, I’ve been curious for a long time, but somehow I didn’t come across any information about the heroic fights of UPA and other Ukrainian nationalists against the Wehrmacht. Well, I thought, maybe it is Google that is occupied by agents of the KGB, and this information is thoroughly removed. But is such a billboard appeared, it means that probably something changed and the truth triumphs. I started to search. And again, to no avail. And everything that I found was either Banderists cutting up Poles in their thousands, burnt Belarusian villages along with its inhabitants (Khatyn is only one of many such villages), dismembered and crucified communists and teachers, executed Jews in Babi Yar, or protected Nazi concentration camps.

Roman Shukhevich, one of their leaders, was even an officer of the Wehrmacht. Well, my search came up blank. And suddenly – bingo! I stumbled upon information about a 2004 board game called “Za Volyu! [For Freedom!) in Ukrainian – ed]. And there, in this game, courageous UPA soldiers vigorously fight against Nazism, without sparing even the counters, cards, and dice. Almost like “Monopoly”. Here it is – what more proof do you need? And if you still didn’t believe it – it means you are a vatnik, Kolorad, separatist, and Putin’s agent.


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