Update: Four-Year-Old Matvey From the LPR

NEW – June 8, 2022

The story of 4-year-old Matvey and his two-month-old cousin from Svatov shocked us all. Two sisters Dasha and Sasha (orphans) were walking with their sons Matvey and David at the playground in the very centre of Svatovo. At this moment, the UAF sent three “Tochka-U” missiles to the deep rear, to the peaceful city. Two were shot down by air defences, one opened up. Baby David’s leg was torn, a fragment wounded Matvey’s back, miraculously not touching his spine. Doctors did their magic for the children half the night – everything worked out.

But the baby will never see his mother again, she was killed by shrapnel from the UAF shells, the boy is now being brought up by his grandmother. Matvey’s mother survived and is on the mend. Matvey is waiting for her very much.

Olga Kurlayeva

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