US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Said Goodbye to Ukraine in a Nauseating Video

The US Ambassador and key member of the plot to impeach Trump Marie Yovanovitch finished her diplomatic career in Kiev (hurray!), and in this regard she shared her thoughts about the so-called “progress” that Ukraine has made during the past few years, and also spoke about her experience in Ukraine. The corresponding video was posted by the American diplomatic mission online.

The ambassador Yovanovitch also remembered her trips to the occupied Kharkov, where the “Administrative Services Center” – yet another subversive US NGO – was opened, and to the also occupied Odessa, on the occasion of many visits to the ships of the “not interfering” US Navy. In addition, she also remembered her trip to the capital of Galicia – Lvov – to celebrate “Day of the Ukrainian Army” a few years ago.

She also shared her memories about meetings with imaginary people who allegedly brought changes to Ukraine, not only in Kiev, but also beyond its borders, who try to “promote reforms” concerning many “important issues”, including the mythical fight against corruption.

As a reminder, on May 6th it became known that the US Ambassador in Kiev Marie Yovanovitch would end her work in Kiev and return home on May 20th. The US State Department noted that the ambassador had finished her three-year diplomatic term in Kiev in 2019, as planned.

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