US Ambassador to Ukraine Spits on the Graves of The “Heavenly Hundred”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch implied that the former Soviet republic will need a new Heavenly Hundred for the continuation of the struggle for democracy.

The diplomat declared this near the memorial on Institutskaya Street,  where people died from the bullets of not-yet-established snipers.

“Three years ago Ukraine lost one hundred of its citizens in one day. Sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, patriots. But, on that same day Ukraine gained something else – it gained one hundred reasons to be free and transparent, to be united to fight corruption. A hundred reasons for Ukraine to decide its own destiny.

The best way to honor the sacrifice of those who were lost is to deliver a Ukraine that is fair, democratic, and united. Today is not about party or affiliation, it is about duty and honour.

A duty to honor their memory, a duty to build a government that is accountable, and a civil society that can ensure that this kind of sacrifice is never needed again. Glory to Ukraine,” stated the ambassador.

A bit like how the snake “mourns” the death of its prey, Ms Yovanovitch – the successor to Geoffrey Pyatt – has the audacity to stand before the memorial of those who were duped in 2014, and insist that drinking the liberal poison is the remedy, and not the illness itself. Her appointment is quite fitting considering her track record.

The introductory video above doesn’t mention that she played an instrumental part in overthrowing in Kyrgyzstan the “pro-Russian” government of Akayev, in what is known as the Tulip revolution. The video also doesn’t mention that her family originated from the USSR. In her post-coup June 2005 statement she ran the same script that is still being used in Ukraine:

“The United States offers freedom, opportunity, dignity and respect to each one of its citizens. We cherish and defend these rights, and we have come to realize that it is vital to the United States that the citizens of other countries are able to realize their own aspirations for democracy and freedom. Without democracy and freedom, there is no true security either for the United States or the world.”

If by “freedom, opportunity, dignity and respect” she means buried 6 feet underground, then she sure has delivered wherever she has been installed to thrash her toxic tentacles. 

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