US-Backed Proxy Loots From Another US-Backed Proxy – Confused?

By Ollie Richardson

In what is slowly becoming a total circus in Northern Syria, US-backed Faylaq al-Sham released new photos showing their spoils of war from the town of al Amarna, 10 km south of Jarablus. These weapons, however, were taken from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. Yes, a US-backed group fought and looted…another US-backed group…

Faylaq al-Sham is one of many groups that were sent into Syria by Turkey to prevent the formation of a Kurdish State on its borders. Among the mercenary Jihadists that flocked to “liberate” Jarablus were also rebels of the “moderate” variety. The video below shows how some these US-backed “good guys” treated… US-backed Kurds in captivity.

And in another exhibition of what is seemingly now a ‘free-for-all’, Kurdish YPG managed to blow up a Turkish tank in Jarablus, but not before waving goodbye to any dreams of Rojava by being defeated in Hasakah.

Confused? Simply put: the US is a puppet master who shapes and arranges all the fronts to suit their needs. If that means flushing a group (like the Kurds) to help another group (Turkey proxies) steer ISIS like a dog herding sheep, then so be it. It does appear that a new phase of the Syrian war is opening, whereby the groups “fighting ISIS” attack the groups… “fighting ISIS”. Logically if this continued indefinitely, ISIS would grow stronger due to their adversaries squabbling amongst themselves, but what has happened is quite the contrary – ISIS have lost the vast majority of their territory. How did that happen, one may ask? This is because Russia and friends actually fought the terrorists, instead of propping them up.

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The war in Syria now has so many distorted layers that ‘official’ narratives have almost come full circle. The Obama administration has a cunning way of arming and funding more groups than the hands can count, all under the banner of “fighting ISIS”. As a result, the current International Law book can be safely tossed into the bin.

Russia cannot kill what it did not create, but it can box the US into a corner…


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