US “Buries” 1000 Proxies to Hide Traces Of “Advisors” in Aleppo

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The battle for Aleppo not only has an important strategic character, the Western coalition also has a much more humdrum task – it’s important to bring some important military personal out of the city.

Washington is not simply the leader of the so-called Western coalition that is involved in the Syrian war, it is the organizer and mastermind of dozens of terrorist groups that operate throughout Syria.

Gangs are not just organized and supported by the United States, but are often managed from within by sending in groups of different trainers and “advisers”. Although, in this case our “American partners” tend to do it indirectly through their nearby vassals Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.

When organizing important events in the Arab Republic, direct representatives of the American security agencies appear.

In recent weeks the world has witnessed a fierce battle for Syria’s largest city Aleppo, which has strategic importance.

Immediately after blocking the militant groups in Aleppo, and according to unofficial sources, the American intelligence services missed this moment, the US and its allies began to prepare a massive operation to unblock the city.

To the southwest of the city, in a couple of weeks, a group of a thousand fighters was created and supplied with new weapons. The destruction of the Russian helicopter in Idlib province at the altitude of 3.5 kilometers, perhaps, was the demonstration of one of the possibilities that emerged for the fighters and thereby “scare” the Russian air force from operations in Aleppo.

Western strategists removed all reserves from other areas and dealt a powerful, concentrated blow resulting in Syrian government forces leaving a number of positions (military schools, etc.), creating a small corridor for the encircled group.

The corridor is not significant, it is under constant bombardment by Syrian artillery and substantial columns of weapons and food to the encircled cannot get through.

However, the corridor may be sufficient to perform some other informal tasks that are currently unknowingly being carried out by thousands of militants near Aleppo – evacuation from the environment of “very important” representatives of the Western coalition, who were surrounded after the unexpected manoeuvre of the Syrian Army in July 2016.

According to information obtained by journalists from Syrian Brigadier General Ali Maksud, in the ring there were representatives of the intelligence agencies and military experts of the Western coalition, mainly from the Persian monarchies.

If the representatives of the Western coalition are captured by the Syrian Army, and they obviously don’t want to die in Syria, it will be strong proof of foreign intervention and support for terrorist groups by the US and allies, according to

Given the fact that Turkey weakened its influence in the region due to domestic political instability, and most of the Turkish officers were recalled home, the direct command of guerrillas went to Saudi Arabia, under the watchful eye of Washington, which is extremely important to “liberate” her.

Regardless of the losses that have already come close to 3000 killed and dozens of units of heavy armored vehicles, the Western coalition was able to punch a thin corridor through to the encircled group, which, perhaps, was (will be) evacuated.

Nevertheless, the main challenge for Washington & Co is to prevent the establishment of full control of Aleppo by government forces, as it would be a heavy blow to anti-government forces, so the battle for the city will only grow.

This is evidenced by the active transfer of additional forces on both sides.

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