US Congress Approved Military Aid to Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukraine will receive 150 million dollars of military aid from the US. The decision on the allocation of aid to Kiev was approved by the House of Representatives of the US Congress, noted the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Iryna Fris.

The bill on military aid to Ukraine No.174 was introduced by the republican Liz Cheney [the daughter of war criminal Dick Cheney – ed], reminds Interfax. The money will be allocated before October 1st, 2017.

The bill was supported by 371 members of the House of Representatives, and 48 members of the chamber voted against the squandering of budgetary funds.

The resolution allows the Pentagon to allocate to Kiev military support of the lethal type with a defensive character and equipment, and also to support the Ukrainian army with intelligence information. In addition, the training of personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is possible.

The Senate still has to approve the decision. At the same time, the Ukrainian Deputy Iryna Fris emphasized that “senators might have remarks as to the budget of the U.S. Armed Forces only”.

I.e. senators can increase or decrease the amount of aid, but it cannot affect the fact of its allocation. Interestingly, Congress has already reduced the aid to Ukraine twice.

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