The US Is Creating a Media Network in Hungary Beyond the Control of the Central Government

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The US Department of State allocated $700,000 to support independent Hungarian media and to ensure that Hungarians have access to “objective information about events happening inside the country and around the world”. Hungarians, we should understand, wouldn’t have such access to this without the Americans.

Money will be transferred to regional media. Publications based in the capital will not receive anything. This was done in order to create an information network in Hungary that isn’t controlled by the Hungarian government. In October the American diplomat in Hungary David Kostelancik said that Viktor Orbán’s government is putting pressure on the independent press and intimidates independent publishers.

The Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Orbán Janos Lazar called Kostelancik’s words nonsense. This is understandable, because the so-called independent Hungarian media (under the control of the government) is totally dependant on external sources of financing. Washington needs a fifth column in Hungary.

Viktor Orbán is not satisfied with the Americans: he is pursuing a policy of developing relations with China and Russia, he refuses to submit to Brussels concerning the reception of migrants on EU quotas, and he skeptically evaluates the policy of Washington in Europe, including the anti-Russian sanctions.

Relations between Hungary and China develop in an especially high gear. As the Foreign Minister of Hungary Péter Szijjártó said, “when the Chinese think about their economy and Europe, they immediately think about Hungary”. In July, the intention of the Chinese side within the framework of the “One Belt, One Road” project to connect the Budapest railway roads to the Greek port of Piraeus on the coast of the Aegean Sea became known.

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In these conditions will the money of the State department help to remove Viktor Orbán’s party from power?

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