US Elections Are Over

Translated by Ollie Richardson


It seems that the US elections are now over. Problems with the health of one of the candidates have become too frequent and serious, to the extent that hiding it no longer works.

The headquarters of Hillary Clinton finds more and more sophisticated justifications for her inappropriate behaviour. But what happened on 11.09.16 at the ceremony in honor of the memory of victims of September 11th, is impossible to explain by normal heat stroke. American and European official media, which works overtime to help Clinton win and longed for the defeat of Trump, even this press has found itself in stupor.

Everything shows that today there is not one American, and probably not a single person on the planet, from those who are interested in the US elections who would not admit that there is something wrong with Hillary Clinton. Whether she’s mentally ill or has cancer or Alzheimer’s – it does not matter. She has a big problem. And to put the main nuclear button in the hands of a person who periodically loses consciousness, suffers severe headaches, and is not always in control of their own body is impossible!

And it is “impossible” already today makes Trump the President of the United States of America.

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