US & German Recon Planes Approach Russian Borders 6 Times in One Day

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On Tuesday, September 6th, foreign military planes came near to the Russian borders on the Black and Baltic Seas and to other strategic objects 6 times.

5 intelligence flights were made by US planes and 1 by a German one.

Incidents were also recorded at the Russian base on the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean.

This was reported by Western sites that track the movement of military aviation in the region.

It was specified that at the same time two US Air Force Boeing RC-135 strategic reconnaissance planes, which took off from the “Souda Bay” Greek air base, carried out intelligence flights near the Russian borders on the Black Sea today.

According to experts in the military sphere, it is connected with the strategic command and staff “Caucasus 2016” exercise in the south of Russia, carried out to Southern Military District.

As a reminder, on July 23rd, a strategic RC-135V scout plane of the US flew near the border areas of the Kaliningrad region.

As “Russian Dialogue” wrote earlier, the US Air Force scout plane spent more than two hours over the southern part of the Baltic Sea.

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