US Hysteria: Why Is Bloomberg Pushing Deutsche Bank Into the Abyss?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Why is it necessary to urgently crash the European economy at the same as urgently taking away from someone (from who is not important) hundreds of billions?


Today once again I caught “Bloomberg” lying. The article on their website says that, on Thursday, shares of Deutsche Bank on the New York Stock Exchange fell by 7.15%, supposedly in connection with the statements of some hedge funds that they are going to transfer their business to other banks.

However, when I went to the website of the traders in order to see the current graph, I saw that there was no drop. On the contrary, it even recorded a slight increase, to 1.02%.

Why post such easily refuted fake information? Who so strongly needs to crash “Deutsche Bank”, which can easily sacrifice the reputation of “solid” economic publications? And why is it so urgent?

This echos with other information, with other signs coming from the US.

Why would the Pentagon chief Carter need to make public statements on the military base “Minot” that the United States is prepared to use nuclear weapons to “contain” Russia?

Why is there a need to make the already quite pathetic and ridiculous planting disinformation about Putin’s high school friends being clandestine billionaires? It is obvious that it will not work, especially now. Because of despair?

Why would Congress overrule a presidential veto on the law on judicial proceedings against Saudi Arabia for September 11th, risking the loss of an ally and the threat of outflow of investment from the American economy in excess of $750 billion?

It gives us the lasting impression that we, unlike the American “decision makers”, don’t know something. What makes them hysterical, to hurry, to run over the heads of longtime allies, trying to drown them?

Why is it necessary to urgently crash the European economy at the same as urgently taking away from someone (from who is not important) hundreds of billions? Is it because the US economy itself is on the verge of collapse?

After the New Year’s collapse, the US stock markets was strongly inflated by credit money, margin debt (I showed this in the early summer, with accompanying graphs for clarity), but this is not able to attract investors in the real sector of the economy and only inflates speculative bubbles, which are destined to burst.

The US’ plans to capture Syria and strange Russia are being thwarted, attempts to organize a “velvet revolution” in China and Russia are being skilfully averted, the window of opportunity is rapidly closing, and huge foreign debt, bubbles in stock markets, and the pyramids of derivatives push them in the back towards the abyss.

Everything that is happening – is hy-st-er-ia.

If you have other versions, make them known. I, personally, simply cannot see any other explanation.

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