US Media Methods Are Openly Being Mocked

I don’t know why Russian television doesn’t broadcast the hearings in the US Congress regarding Trump’s possible (actually impossible) impeachment.

Perhaps there are buying broadcast rights, or maybe there is fear of being again accused of interfering in US internal affairs and politics. I don’t know. But it’s a shame it’s not broadcasted.

Because I haven’t seen such a funny and pathetic spectacle in a long time. Looking at such a thing, any illusions about an “advanced, progressive, and fair United States” should fall away. And such a spectacle should cause physical pain in Russia’s domestic liberals.

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was called as a witness.

She was asked “Do you know anything about President Trump’s corrupt actions?”


“Do you know at all about any criminal actions committed by President Trump?”


“I have no more questions.”

Why were they summoned at all? What were they trying to prove? It is unclear.

The next to testify was US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.

“Do you have anything against President Trump?”

“Nothing but my assumption.”

“What grounds do you have for such an assumption?”


“Did you meet Trump personally?”


“Did Volker, Bolton, or Pompeo tell you anything about Trump confirming your assumption?”


“Thank you, now clear off.”

I paraphrased, but that’s the point. You can look yourself (if you speak English minimally, of course).

Trump is being charged with “quid pro quo”. He allegedly pressured Zelensky into throwing Biden under the bus in exchange for guns and loans. But there is no evidence, the transcripts of Trump and Zelensky’s phone conversations don’t confirm this either.

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At the same time, Biden boasted in clear text (and this is recorded on video) that he said to Poroshenko “Until you replace the Prosecutor General, who is digging under my son, we will not give you loans.” I.e., it is proven that he did exactly what Trump is accused of – abusing his position for personal interest, and also covering up his son’s corruption.

But no one charges Biden.

And what is going on at this time in the “truthful” American media – this is some kind of trash. The methods that both the presenters and “experts” use when broadcasting are so obvious and regularly repeated that they are already openly mocked.

It is enough to watch the first couple of minutes of the video (even without knowledge of English) below in order to see how trained monkeys have been voicing the same theses for years. For years! Starting in winter 2017.

“Trump is at a turning point”, “This is the beginning of the end for Trump”, “The walls are closing in on him”, and so on.

The funny thing is that these are the same techniques, with the same battered clichés, that the Russian liberal opposition has been using against Putin for 20 years.

Now you understand why the Russian opposition is so miserable? Because their American masters and sponsors are exactly the same!

Too bad they won’t show it on TV…

Aleksandr Rodgers

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