US Military Advisers May Be Trapped in Encircled Areas of Aleppo

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Militants from the group banned in many countries, including in Russia, “Jabhat al-Nusra” have requested evacuation from the Syrian Aleppo. This was reported by the TV channel “al-Manar”, referring to intermediaries who militants use to negotiate with government forces.

Overall, the government already controls over 90% of Aleppo. As of the morning of 08.12.16, the terrorists kept control of only nine blocks, and, in this area, according to Middle Eastern media, there may be American military advisers. According to sources, Washington is now urgently trying to negotiate their evacuation.

So far civilians continue to be rescued from these areas. Just in the last day more than 1,300 people were able to leave, a third of them children. Refugees are accommodated in tents.

Thus, peaceful life returns to the liberated areas in the East of Aleppo. After years of war, people will rebuild their homes.

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