US Military Losses During First 2 Weeks of Mosul Operation: 16 KIA, 27 Wounded

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Readers are advised to take this information with a pinch of salt. Whilst the actual number of military personnel deaths will likely never be published by the US government, the number quoted in this article is likely to be a minimum estimate. The US is more than willing to use the Kurds as a battering ram, like in Raqqa, and thus keep the American losses to a minimum. Russia is also ensuring that the information war is evenly balanced, and thus has a keen interest in reporting in detail the US’ activities in Mosul. As a whole, the Iraqi forces have liberated parts of Mosul much quicker than was anticipated, partly due to the inadequate tactics of ISIS, who rely on VBIED/PBIED tactics. The role of the Americans in this operation becomes more and more negligible as the fight moves towards the centre of the city, as Abadi has given permission for entry only to certain forces (Federal police, Iraqi Army, for example). It is a fact that US airstrikes in Mosul have killed peaceful civilians, so it is not impossible to imagine that US ground troops themselves have also fallen victim to such careless inaccuracy.

Losses of American military personnel during the first two weeks the operation of capturing the Iraqi Mosul, occupied by militants of the terrorist organization ISIS, amounted to 16 killed and 27 wounded. This was reported to TASS by a military-diplomatic source in Moscow.

“For the first two weeks of carrying out military ground operations in the capture of Mosul, 16 American soldiers were killed, another 27 were injured. The majority of the deaths and injuries of servicemen were the result of exploding landmines, artillery, and mortar shelling,” said the agency interlocutor.

According to him, there were cases of deaths of servicemen as a result of poor coordination of aviation and special forces units. “So, two special forces soldiers died as a result of airstrikes by American B-52H aircraft on the outskirts of Mosul,” noted the source.

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He stressed that in the two weeks that have passed since the beginning of the operation, the coalition forces have not achieved any significant success in Mosul.

“The capture of Mosul is considered by representatives of the democratic party leaving the White house as a trump card in a pre-election political game, the stake of which is the victory of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Therefore, senators and influential politicians, forced to up the ante and lobby for decisions on activization of military operations in Mosul, ignoring the heavy losses among American military personnel,” he stressed.

The ground military operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS began on 17th October. In addition to the government forces of Iraq, there are also Kurdish formations, as well as the international anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States. Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq – for more than two years it has been under the control of ISIS.

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