US & NATO Want to Learn From Ukraine How to “Counter Russian Tanks”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The General Staff of the UAF posted a video of the competition Strong Europe Tank Challenge, which took place in Germany.

American General Ben Hodges stated that the UAF were invited to participate in the tank competition also because they have real fighting experience against the armored vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Ukrainian platoon arrived to this event in partially modernized T-64’s, and claimed 5th place, reports “Russian Dialogue”.

The Commander of the US Land Forces in Europe stated that among all participants of the competition, the Ukrainians were the only ones who have “experience against Russian tanks”.

According to him, because of this everyone listened to them. Hodges also stated that the modified T-64 was more manoeuvrable than the German “Leopard”, the American Abrams, and the French Leclerc, which took second, third and fourth places respectively. The Austrian team in “Leopards” was the winner.

Earlier, Turkey presented the new medium Kaplan tank, which was developed together with Indonesia. New photos of the new equipment appeared on the Internet.

As was reported by “Russian Dialogue”, on the Internet there is a video in which it is described as a Russian T-72 tank destroying terrorists in the Syrian Al-Kabune.

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