US Prepares Savchenko for Releasing Dirt on Poroshenko.

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Sergey Nikolaevich Kirnik is the official representative of the Ukrainian Bureau of WikiLeaks. He is Ukrainian Edward Snowden and Julian Assange rolled into one. He shared sensational data about top Ukrainian politicians with NTV.

Kirnik, began his career in the Security Service of Ukraine from the bottom. He  originally worked in the research department, and later served in counterintelligence. He grimly jokes that with this interview he damage his own obituary.

Sergey Kirnik: “The whole structure of the Security Service of Ukraine is rotten from the inside. If the structure worked for Russia, now it all sold out and works for America.”

Born from the counter-revolution, a member of the Ukrainian underground WikiLeaks is preparing a series of information explosions.

Sergey Kirnik: “Our people work with Poroshenko, Groisman in the structure of the SBU, collect information, send it to us.”

As a result, organizations were able to get information not only about the first person of the state, but also other politicians – the head of the Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov, Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, and Deputy Nadiya Savchenko. About the activities of the latter in Donbass, by the way, some very juicy details were discovered.

Sergey Kirnik: “We have data that is reliable and obtained from the ATO zone, in which Savchenko participated in. The data confirms that Savchenko was involved in… Savchenko really likes violence, she likes to torture and torment people, she was also seen having sex with not one, but four or five men.”

It turns out Savchenko really likes violence in any form. SBU, as well as US intelligence, possess this information.

Sergey Kirnik: “Nadiya Savchenko is very interesting for the American side, which, according to some information, recruited her on their side, paid for her role, and already tries her face for the post of President of Ukraine”.

Savchenko is good material for sharp moves in Ukraine. She can easily insult Poroshenko and to call for the overthrow of the government. According to Kirnik, the Americans are preparing Savchenko to release compromising information about Poroshenko. Soon everyone will see it.

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