US Propaganda Mouthpiece Radio Svoboda Suddenly Released the Truth About Euromaidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


“Radio Svoboda”
– an American mouthpiece of anti-Russian propaganda – suddenly released the truth about the fact that the beating of students, which marked the beginning of the coup in Ukraine, was a technology to stir-up Euromaidan.

“Radio Svoboda” published an interview with a participant of Euromaidan Mikhail Kuznetsov. In 2013, the media passed around a photo that depicted a blood-stained Kuznetsov with his son after being beaten by soldiers of “Berkut”.

“…we succeeded to rethink that what happened between the student’s Maidan and now, during these 3 years, there was some falsification. For example, all say that Maidan gathered because the students were beaten. In fact, the events occurred somewhat differently. THE STUDENTS WERE BEATEN IN ORDER TO GATHER MAIDAN. And now for me it is now absolutely obvious, and not only for me… (…). ..It was a plan, according to which a STATE COUP had to take place in order to overthrow Yanukovych,” said Kuznetsov in a fresh interview.


“When I was writing back then – I was almost a Putin propagandist! By the way, it is symptomatic that it is precisely now that this material appeared on the website of the Ukrainian version of the American mouthpiece of propaganda – {Radio Svoboda},” commented the journalist Sergey Belous, known for reporting from Donbass under the pseudonym John Trust.

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