Why Does the US Provoke Russia into Expelling Diplomats?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Irina Alksnis

I came across an interesting interpretation of a now sore topic – about the expulsion of diplomats and the arrest of diplomatic property.

The Americans became completely boorish. Their July 25th statement is really too much. But the fact that it is too provocative hooked me. Overkill. It is directly visible that they very much want the Kremlin’s nerves to fray and that it, at last, responds.

I couldn’t understand at all why. And also the endless statements of ours [Russians – ed] about the actual inaction begun to become tiresome. Especially as there are no doubts that ours are capable of responding.

So why wasn’t it done until now?

It seems that the answer stands before us.

Together with a change of ambassador, a large-scale rotation of ambassadorial diplomatic corps will take place. It should happened very soon, the United States now already especially delays it because they want Russian so VEEERY much to send back the current [American – ed] diplomats who are already sitting on their luggage.

Because the US’ new ambassadorial deployment is ready for long-term work in Russia, including intelligence residency and other delights.

But if Moscow holds out until the change of diplomatic corps and will send back the already new freshly-sent diplomats, the United States will find itself in a very unpleasant situation, because a serious personnel hole in a key direction will form for them. And it will not be so simple to close it. Dozens of highly-skilled diplomats that are also sharpened for work in Russia aren’t so simple to compensate for.

And this will give a serious advantage to Russia, including in the work of counterintelligence.

Generally, the version of events read by me claims that it is for precisely this reason that the Kremlin persistently plays for time in this diplomatic dismantling.

For me this version of events looks rather convincing.

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