US Put a Tight Collar Around Ukraine’s Neck

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Apparently, during the record-long meeting between Lavrov and Kerry, which lasted more than fourteen hours, the issue of Syria was not the only thing discussed.

It became known that two NATO Generals were assigned to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. They received the status of Assistant to the Minister of Defense and offices in the Ministry. The Ukraine military is categorically prohibited from providing any activities or military operations without coordination with them.

Most likely, the sabotage in Crimea was Ukraine’s own initiative, and now the foreign masters put a very tight collar around Ukraine’s neck. The NATO curators in the Defense Ministry were added to the American curators who sit in the Verkhovna Rada, SBU, and the presidential administration.

Apparently, the statement from the leaders of Donbass about the unilateral ceasefire from September 15th is also the result of the meeting between Kerry and Lavrov. God willing, that everything turns out good!

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