US Senate Candidate John Parker in the LPR: Ukraine Destroyed Civilian Infrastructure

NEW – May 9, 2022

A US senator candidate and one of the leaders of the American Socialist Unity Party, John Parker, during a visit to the frontline Rubezhnoye, accused the Kiev security forces of shelling the civilian infrastructure of the city. This was reported by the press service of the People’s Militia of the LPR.

“When I talked to people, traveled around the city, I saw with my own eyes that there really were no military targets that the Ukrainian army was supposed to bomb. Nevertheless, they did it. They destroyed civilian infrastructure, not military facilities, but civilian ones. I really don’t understand what the purpose was,” Parker said.

The politician noted that more and more people in different countries of the world are beginning to learn about the evil that comes from the United States government, from American imperialism. It was the American private military company Academi that trained Ukrainian nationalists.

“The billions of dollars that the United States is sending to this war, to train Ukrainian Nazis, could actually have been spent on some social needs in the United States,” Parker believes.

He thanked the servicemen of the People’s Militia of the LPR and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, who challenged the current order of things, the American military, American imperialism and were not afraid to speak out in Donbass against the world hegemon.

Earlier, Parker also said that the United States spent the money allocated for the fight against COVID-19 to support neo-nazis in Ukraine.

“Now we can clearly see what the US government is doing in Ukraine and in Donbass. The money that was intended to fight the pandemic, which is about $ 16 billion, they spent on supporting neo-nazis who kill children,” the American politician said during a meeting with the chairman of the government of the LPR Sergey Kozlov.

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Parker noted that many Americans do not know that the United States promotes the ideas of fascism in Ukraine.

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