US Special Ambassador to Ukraine Kurt Volker: Russia Is to Blame for Kiev’s Pro-West, Nazi Policies

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The special representative of the US State Department to Ukraine Kurt Volker expressed the opinion that Ukraine became a nationalist and westernized country because of the actions of Russia. He stated this on Wednesday, August 30th, in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

“I think Russia was hoping that it would be able to keep Ukraine in its orbit as part of the Russian sphere of influence, the greater Russian identity. The reality is that their invasion and occupation has created a more nationalist and a more unified and more pro-Western Ukraine. So it hasn’t really done much for Russian interests,” said Volker.

A day earlier the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker emphasized that Ukraine has no relation neither to the European Union, nor to NATO. “I saw that my friend (the President of Ukraine Petro) Poroshenko a few days ago said that Ukraine is the EU and NATO. At the moment it is neither the former nor the latter. Everybody should know this,” he said.

On August 21st behind closed doors in Minsk the meeting of Volker and the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov took place. According to the latter, the parties agreed that the current situation in the southeast of Ukraine doesn’t suit either sides of the conflict, or the external forces promoting a settlement.

Relations between Kiev and Moscow sharply worsened after the reunion of Crimea with Russia in March, 2014 and the beginning of the conflict in Donbass in April of the same year. Ukraine regularly accuses its neighbor of conducting military operations in the southeast of the territory and calls it the “aggressor country”. Moscow rejects these allegations, citing a lack of evidence.

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